We're Engaged!

So it's engagement season and everyone and their brother is popping the question! I can't believe it but it happened. You can officially add us to the 25 other couples who showed up on your Facebook newsfeed with a new relationship status... We are engaged!!

AH! Is that even real? Did I really just type that?! So here's the story... He took me in a private helicopter to what seemed like the highest mountain in all of AZ. He said we would get to explore and photograph each other as the beautiful sun set behind us. As couples photographers, we obviously set up the tripod to get into some cheesy poses for the camera. At least that's what I thought would be happening! A few minutes later, he was down on his knee asking me to be his wife.

I wanted to let you in on the most incredible day of my life through the photographs Garrett captured. When I look at these photos, it is the closest I can get to standing up on that cold mountain again with mud all over my heels, tears running down my face and having just said yes to the most amazing man. This is why I choose to photograph. To capture moments you never want to stop reliving. 

I can't wait to love you for the rest of my life Garrett.


Jonnie Allen2 Comments