photo by  Lacey Bee Photography

We are Jonnie and Garrett! We are husband and wife first, wedding photographers second. We love Jesus with everything in us. We were both born and raised in AZ and lived a few minutes apart until we met 5 years ago. We got married at the cutest summer camp in the forest 3 years ago. Our latest addition to the fam is a Sheepadoodle pup named Rowe and she definitely is spoiled. We love going to the movies, making cookies at midnight, biking to our favorite brewery or frequenting pizza restaurants. We absolutely will drive twenty minutes out of the way for a third wave coffee shop. We’re always waiting for our next flight out of town to explore new places. We picked up photography back when we were dating and learned everything side by side since day one. A photography teacher once told us that we'd hate shooting weddings... a couple years and a ton of weddings later and we're still enjoying every second to the fullest. 


Let's talk weddings.

In our time as wedding photographers, we have worked with so many incredible couples and photographed in some breath taking places. We have a huge passion for capturing our couples real relationship amidst a jaw dropping scenery. From oceanside cliffs to snowy mountaintops, it has easily become one of our favorite parts of our career.

 But when we sit down and reflect on the couple and their wedding day, it’s never those insane views or romantic kisses that stick in our memory the most. Trust us, it's a close second!!!! But it's never the top memory for us... 

The way that bride’s dad held back tears when he saw her for the first time in a white dress. The way that groom starred at his bride with the most loving glance amidst all the chaos of bridesmaids photos. The single tear that streamed down that brides face as she touched up her hair before the first look. These quick, fleeting moments are the memories that will forever be engraved in our minds and are shaping us as photographers and people.

So why are we getting all sappy over here? Well, we think wedding photography is more than a person with a camera showing up to a wedding venue. We want to know you. We want to hear your crazy stories, meet your family and friends and just maybe get teary eyed during your father daughter dance. 

All we ask for is your trust and transparency that will allow us to really capture who you are as bride and groom. 

So let's go hike a mountain, get you married on a cliff or at the base of a waterfall. Let's create some gorgeous photographs in epic places that show off how much you two truly love each other.

And your job? Feel all the emotions, cry all the tears, slow it down and really take in all these moments. You make the memories and we can promise to give you something you can hold on to for a lifetime. 


Do we travel?

Absolutely! We are based in Arizona but we travel for a lot of the weddings we photograph! You can find our travel dates below or email us for a travel quote. 

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