Jonnie + Garrett

We are Jonnie + Garrett

Arizona is home but there is a huge world we are eager to explore. We have a passion for traveling and are so grateful that we get to see the world with some pretty incredible couples. 

Jonnie is always the shortest in the room, will definitely try to wear all black even in the AZ summer and has been a musician her whole life. If you are confused about the name, it's like Johnny Depp without the "Depp".

Garrett is much taller than Jonnie, has a passion for cars, specialty coffee and will always stock the fridge with craft beer. 

We love Jesus and marrying each other was the best decision we have ever made. We will absolutely drive ten minutes in the opposite direction for better coffee. Pizza will always be our number one choice.

We want to meet the couples who are obsessed with their love. The ones who effortlessly fall for each other over and over again. The couples who have a desire to see places around the world that make your heart skip a beat. The couples who are okay to get their dress and suit a little dirty if it means an epic view is at the end. The dreamers and the explorers.

The lovers whose story is an adventure in itself.  

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photo above by Lacey Bee Photography