photo by  Lacey Bee Photography

We are Jonnie and Garrett! We are husband and wife first, wedding photographers second. We love Jesus with everything in us. We were both born and raised in AZ and lived a few minutes apart until we met 6 years ago. We got married at the cutest summer camp in the forest about 4 years ago. We have a Sheepadoodle dog child named Rowe and we’re way to obsessed with her. We love going to the movies, making cookies at midnight, biking to our favorite brewery or frequenting pizza restaurants. We absolutely will drive twenty minutes out of the way for a third wave coffee shop. We’re always waiting for our next flight out of town to explore new places. We picked up photography back when we were dating and learned everything side by side since day one. A photography teacher once told us that we'd hate shooting weddings... a few years and a ton of weddings later and we're still enjoying every second to the fullest. 


Let's talk weddings.

Can we get real with you?

This day is so much more than a venue, place settings, bridesmaid dresses and a Pinterest board. It’s even more than saying “I do” up at the alter.

Dancing around while getting ready with your best girls. Seeing your dad for the first time in your wedding dress. Your mom pinning your boutonniere on. The faces of all your loved ones in one place watching you walk down the aisle. Holding your new husband during your first dance. Drinking way too much wine on the dance floor. 

This is what makes a wedding day. This is authentic, real and what you truly will remember 5, 10 or 20 years down the road. We promise. Want to know why? Those are our memories from our wedding day. I can’t even remember what color our napkins were but I sure do remember my dad’s big squeeze as he gave me away like it was yesterday.

That’s what we think about weddings. 

Feel all the emotions, cry all the tears, slow it down and really take in all these moments. You make the memories and we promise to give you something you can hold on to for a lifetime. 


Do we travel?

Absolutely! We are based in Arizona but we travel for a lot of the weddings we photograph! You can find our travel dates below or email us for a travel quote. 

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